Prepare for Winter by Servicing Your Vehicle Today!

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Every winter at Mark Jacobson Toyota, we see scores of cars in our service center for common winter troubles. Winter in the Raleigh and Chapel Hill areas may not be the fiercest, but local drivers can still experience slippery roads, freezing fluids or malfunctioning car parts.

This year, don't get stuck in the cold with something that we can fix for you before the season really picks up. The service center at Mark Jacobson Toyota specializes in:

  1. Tire Replacements: When temperatures drop, precipitation can freeze on the road and lead to slippery surfaces and decreased traction. To avoid an accident this year, make sure to switch out your regular tires for winter tires. Even if snow isn't our biggest threat, ice certainly can be.

  2. Fluid Check: As it gets colder, water isn't the only thing that will freeze outside. Fluids inside your car like wiper fluid, oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, anti-freeze, and power steering fluid can freeze or thicken in the cold and cause driving issues. Our service experts can quickly and easily check on your fluids this season and replace or replenish where needed.

  3. Parts Malfunction: Aside from causing liquids to thicken and freeze, winter weather can also cause car batteries to slow down and die, engines to malfunction, and wipers to break under snow or ice. Instead of facing these problems retro-actively, get into our service center todayto get checked. You won't regret it.

Service Appointments

We value your time and want to get you back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. If you need a routine service like an oil change, inspection, or tire rotation, you can drop into our Durham lot anytime we are open without an appointment. For other issues, or for winter servicing, call or use our service appointment page to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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