Toyota Highlander vs. Honda Pilot


Comparing the Toyota Highlander to the Honda Pilot

The Toyota Highlander has a lot to offer solo drivers and family-haulers alike, and we have no doubt that this handsome and muscular mid-size crossover SUV will put a smile on your face. To prove it, we welcome you to take a look below and see how it compares to the Honda Pilot inside and out. Take your time checking out the facts below and see how the Highlander destroys the competition.

The Toyota Highlander vs. the Honda Pilot

  • When comparably equipped at true market value, according to, the Toyota Highlander comes in at a more affordable price than the Honda Pilot.
  • The Highlander will appeal to city drivers more, as it offers a higher EPA-estimated fuel economy in the city.
  • The Highlander offers more front head and leg room so you can have a more comfortable drive than in the Pilot.
  • According to, the Highlander has better customer ratings for interior quality, reliability, performance, technology, and value than the Pilot.
  • The Highlander also offers more exterior color options than the Pilot, so you can express your personality more easily.

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