Toyota RAV4 vs Honda CR-V

Discover the Difference: the Toyota RAV4 vs. the Honda CR-V

There are a lot of crossover SUVs out there to choose from but we here at Mark Jacobson Toyota are confident in our opinion that the Toyota RAV4 blows away the rest of the competition with ease. Below, we'll be comparing it to the rival Honda CR-V so we can truly see which one offers the best features for you on your daily drives.

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While this may be subjective, we find the RAV4 to be a much more visually appealing crossover than the CR-V. With a standard rear spoiler, a more sloping roofline for a sportier look, a more streamlines front fascia, and smoother doors without the harsh creases than the CR-V offers, it's no contest.

Interior Space

Buying a crossover means you need more interior room for both passengers and cargo. Well, the RAV4 offers considerably more cargo volume than the CR-V, comparing 38.4 cubic feet to 35.3 cubic feet. And since the RAV4 is slightly taller, wider, and longer than its rival, it offers more rear headroom and front legroom to keep your taller passengers comfortable all ride long.


The RAV4 offers more standard and low-trim options than the CR-V does to keep you safe. Front knee airbags come standard to put you at ease and even the base LE trim level has optional fog lights to clear up your vision on those misty days - something the CR-V doesn't offer.

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