Toyota Sienna vs Honda Odyssey

Compare the Toyota Sienna Against the Honda Odyssey

A big family requires a big vehicle, and the minivan is perfectly equipped to handle you and all of your loved ones with ease. We here at Mark Jacobson Toyota offer the excellent Toyota Sienna and know that it can kick the competition to the curb. Take a look below and see how it compares to its rival, the Honda Odyssey, and see why we're so confident in its abilities.

Test Drive a Toyota Sienna


Right off the bat, the price for the Toyota Sienna is lower than the Honda Odyssey. The base MSLP is $28,850 for the Sienna, compared to $29,400 for the Odyssey. Comparably equipped, the Sienna still comes out ahead by $191. Save your wallet some trouble and go with the swagger wagon.

Cargo Space

If you're driving a minivan, chances are you have plans to fill up the back with sports gear, pool supplies, camping gear, and more. The cargo space in the Sienna is superior, with a maximum of 150 cubic feet compared to the Odyssey's 148.5 cubic feet. Those extra inches will really come in handy when you need to fit in that one last luggage bag before you head off on your next adventure.

Passenger Space

Speaking of interior room, your passengers will be able to stretch out more in the Sienna. With more headroom in all three rows, more shoulder room in all three rows, and more or equal hip room in all three rows, the kids won't be fighting about who's on who's side on those longer road trips.

Engine Power

Last but not least, having a little more engine oomph never hurts. The Sienna boasts more power than the Odyssey, with 266 horsepower compared to 248 horsepower respectively. Blast off and leave them in your dust.

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