Nitrogen Tire Inflation

When the weather cools down, tires often lose air and your low tire pressure warning light comes on. To help reduce trips to the Service Department, Mark Jacobson Toyota uses nitrogen tire fill on new Toyota vehicles we sell. Proper tire pressure is important, and if you have nitrogen, you will get 3 major benefits:

Better Gas Mileage - When tire pressure is maintained at the correct level, your tires will have the optimum "contact patch" on the road. This reduces the rolling resistance and gives you the best fuel economy for your Toyota.

Longer Tire Life - Compared to 99% pure nitrogen, normal pump air contains oxygen, which causes oxidation when it comes into contact with tire and wheel components. Oxidation can make rubber brittle and reduce its strength. With regualr air, oxygen and water vapor can also damage inner tire liners and belt packages. Not so with nitrogen.

Improved Tire Safety - Did you know that most tire blowouts are caused by under-inflated tires? Nitrogen filled tires remain properly inflated for much longer periods, so your chance of getting a blowout due to poor tire pressure is reduced. Why does nitrogen not leak from your tires as much as tires with regular air? Oxygen molecules are smaller and escape from tires more easily than nitrogen molecules, which are larger.

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