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Mark Jacobson Toyota Oil Change Service
A Oil Change service is one of the most basic car maintenance services you can do for your car but it also one of the most important services. At Mark Jacobson Toyota we offer synthetic blend oil for a traditional oil change and full synthetic oil for a synthetic oil change. Not sure which your vehicle needs? Our staff is here to help answer your questions.

In addition to a wide range of available oils, all of our services include a multi-point inspection which ensures your vehicle is safe.

Choosing the Right Oil
Did you know that the weather and climate where you drive your vehicle can impact the type of oil you should use and how often you should change your oil? One of the things we can help you determine is if your driving habits are considered normal or severe. Make sure to tell your Service Advisor if you are driving in especially warm or cold environments, drive on dirt roads, tow a trailer frequently, or have extensive idling since you may have different service intervals for your "Special Operating Conditions."

All of our oil change services include Genuine Toyota Motor Oil and Genuine Toyota Oil Filters. Both are specially designed to keep your Toyota running like new!

Service Technicians
While we know it's possible to change your own oil there are many benefits to having your vehicle serviced at Mark Jacobson Toyota. While you are getting your oil changed our factory trained technicians will check the other fluids in your Toyota and preform a visual inspection of many of the basic safety features on your vehicle. This typically includes your wiper blades, exterior lights, brake system and tire pressure.

Synthetic Oil
You might ask, "Why is synthetic oil different?" There are several reasons:
  • ¬†Because of its formulation it can increase your engine's efficiency by reducing friction. This can boost your fuel economy by as much as half a mile per gallon. Used over time synthetic oil can improve your Toyota's performance and help to avoid expensive repairs.
  • Because synthetic oil only needs to be changed every 10,000 miles or so you will end up saving both time and money over the course of your vehicles life.
  • With today's engines sporting advanced technology they require lubricant designed specifically for improved performance, fuel efficiency and to reduce engine deposits. Zero weight synthetic oil (SAE 0W-20) has low viscosity and is formulated to provide uniform lubrication to reduce friction throughout your engine. Because it is lighter that conventional oil it can evenly bath your engine's moving parts resulting in less wear and tear, better thermal stability, and increased efficiency. All of that combined means your engine will be better protected, operate better in extreme conditions, and need oil changes less frequently.
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Our Toyota Express Lube service is a quick way to get an oil change, oil filter change and multi-point inspection! We service many areas including: Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Apex NC. Bring your Toyota in for competitive pricing, trained technicians, genuine Toyota Parts and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our Express Lube is open during regular Service Department hours, we'll also top off fluids, set tire pressure and lubricate the chassis as necessary. All Genuine Toyota Parts have a limited Parts & Service Warranty that includes air filters, wiper blades and batteries. You will get a friendly reminder of your next service, plus we'll keep a history of your visits, a record that helps boost resale value.